Jul 29
Oh, sure, we’re old friends. Peeta and I had adjoining cells in the capitol.
We’re very familiar with each other’s screams.
Jul 29
Jul 29
Jul 29


Raping VS. Rapping by jackisanerd (Jacksfilms on Youtube)

Raping vs. rapping happens way too commonly
One’s a form of music the other’s a felony
It’s not that hard unless you’re not that smart
If you have 2 p’s, you’re Eminem
If you have 1 p, you need consent
Raping vs. rapping well, it happens all the time
One’s a form of music the other’s a freaking crime
It’s not that hard if you take this song to heart
If you have 2 p’s, you’re Kanye West
If you have 1 p, you’re not
Now I’m well aware that here and there a typo can happen
Your finger slipped, or your thumb just missed
It’s a very common habit
And I’m not trying to save the world no, I just wanna say
That if you can’t tell the difference they oughta take your keyboard away
Raping vs. rapping shouldn’t even be a thing
But the Internet is full of idiots who need teaching
So when you find a mindless guy who makes this wrong offense
The only thing you have to do is sing this song to them

Jul 29


ICYMI: Hunger Games, Mockingjay Trailer

Jul 29


That is who I am supposed to be, how I am identified and recorded for all time. But is this who I really am?

Jul 29
Jul 29
Jul 29
Jul 29

Harry Potter tumblr style // inspired by (x)